Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miss and Teen Ventura Intl. Pageant

This past weekend I attended the 2011 Miss and Teen Ventura Intl. pageants. It was a wonderful event put on by Crowning Glory Productions. Hilary Gushwa former Miss California Intl. 2009 hosted the pageant. The contestants glowed on stage in their sequin tops as they danced to music from "Fame". Followed by fun fashion, fitness, gown presentation and the on stage question. I was so proud of all the girls they did an amazing job. It was great to see my sister queen: Miss Teen California Intl. 2010 Dedria Burnett and my wonderful Director Eddie Peterson. In the audience that night to support the Ventura Pageant were Gayle Tape, Director of the Bakersfield pageant and her titleholders Mrs. Bakersfield 2011: Megan Raymond and Miss Teen Bakersfield 2011: Mackenzie Carter. We made the trip together and it was great to spend time together.
Once again I am reminded, by hearing all the girls speak about their platforms how blessed I am to be Mrs. California Intl. 2010 and support my platform Character Counts. It is so great to be apart of a pageant family that gives back to their communities and to platforms that are close to their hearts. Congratulations to the winners: April Mitchell: Miss Teen Ventura Intl. 2011 and Kari Ann Johnson: Miss Ventura Intl 2011.

Ashley Pavletich
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Walk For Thought 2010

At 8am sharp on March 13,2010 my dad, daughter and I took part in the 3rd annual "Walk For Thought", benefiting the California Brain Injury Association. There were six cities selected in California. Bakersfield hosted their event at Yokuts Park. Bakersfield is home to Center for Neuro Skills, they help to rehabilitate and educated people who have suffered from various brain injuries.
Today was an important day for me as Mrs. California Intl. 2010. I was not only there to support this great cause, but also in honor of my dad who suffered thru a brain tumor in 2001. My dad was diagnosed with a maningioma brain tumor on September 11, 2001. This is a slow growing tumor that consists mostly of calcium. The doctors said that it had been growing for more then 15 years. After an eight hour surgery at UCLA Medical Center and a stay in the ICU. I am proud to say the doctors removed all of the tumor. My dad has been tumor and cancer free for nine years.
We walked three miles in support of this organization. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I am so thankful to have my dad in my life. My father could have been gone so easily. We have shared so many wonderful memories, like walking me down the aisle on my wedding day and being their to see the birth of his first grandchild, Lincoln Caroline. I cherish everyday with my dad. Please make sure you tell the people in your life you love them everyday and please get involved in your communities with a platform that is important to you!!! Lots of Love,
Ashley Pavletich: Mrs. California Intl. 2010
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Red For Women: Fresno, Ca

On Friday February 26th I traveled to the Go Red For Women Luncheon in Fresno, Ca. Since Fresno is only two hours from Bakersfield, we made it a family trip as Paul and Lincoln came along for the day and it was great having them to support me. The day was full of great events like a silent and oral auction, lunch, a GO RED fashion show hosted by Macy's and an amazing guest speaker by the name of Eliz Green. Eliz was seven months pregnant with twins and only 35 years old suffered a heart attack. Her story is inspiring and can help everyone to lead a heart healthy lifestyle. For more information visit I introduced the breakout speakers and also informed everyone about who I am and what I am doing as Mrs. California Intl 2010. The guest speakers I had the pleasure of introducing were James Leath: a personal trainer, who spoke about making fitness fun and scheduling it into your daily life. Lisa Bessard: a Dietetic Inter from Fresno State, who spoke about heart healthy food and ways to but food on a budget. Once again it was an amazing day that made me think about how important it is to tell friends and loved ones about how to get and live heart healthy. A special thank you to Valerie Cain for inviting me to attend the function and to all the people from the Fresno area who welcomed me with open arms. The community of Fresno is full of wonderful people who are just trying to make a difference in peoples lives and it was great to be with like minded leaders. Cardiovascular disease kills a woman every minute: Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends. It is the leading cause of death among women. Their are ways to decrease your risk: eat better, keep moving and manage your stress. Go to for more information and remember it's Your Heart, Your Choice.
Ashley Pavletich
Mrs. California Intl. 2010
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