Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mrs. Neighbert's 3rd Grade Class

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This week I was invited to talk to Mrs. Neighbert's class about Character Counts. This was a very special day for me. Mrs. Neighbert and I have been friends for a long time. It meant a lot that she would want me to come and talk to her students. Bringing Character Counts and the Six Pillars of Character to this classroom was amazing. We talked about each character trait and how we could apply it to our day at school as well as at home. The students asked some great questions and I was once again reminded by their wide eyes looking up at me, how much of an influence I have with children. Using the Pillars in everyday life has made me a better role model, wife, mother, daughter, friend and Mrs. California Intl. 2010. I am constantly impressed by the children that I talk to and hope they will remember long after I have left the classroom that it is always cool to make the right choices. I read a quote this week that really made me stop and think and hopefully it will do the same with you..." Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God!!!

Ashley Pavletich
Mrs. California Intl. 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hoffmann Hospice "Voices of Inspiration" 2010

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I attended the 16th annual "Voices of Inspiration" fundraiser. It supports Hoffmann Hospice, Bakersfield's only non-profit Hospice. Tickets to this event sold out with in two weeks after announcing that the guest speaker was college coaching legend Lou Holtz. Lou is one of the most accomplished coaches in the history of college football, probably best known for taking a struggling Notre Dame Football program and turning it into a national power house. He's had similar successes with five other college programs, affirming he's got what it takes to inspire others to greatness. The nights festivities began with a VIP meet and greet with Coach Holtz. After getting my own Notre Dame helmet signed my husband Paul and I had the opportunity to chat with the Coach about what he has been up too. For a 73 year old he has a ton of energy and I truly see why he was so successful in motivating his players to achieve greatness.
Dinner was served to all of us and that was followed by a live auction which featured 11 items, that even with the economy supporters of Hoffmann Hospice rose to the occasion and helped raise over $60,000.00 dollars.
Coach Holtz was introduced by Jim Scott and Robin Mangarin of KGET TV Channel 17. He spoke for an hour, but it seemed like it took less than a minute because he had all of us laughing so hard. After Lou finished his remarks and the program was officially over Coach Holtz started signing autographs. He continued for the next 3 hours till everyone had their autographs and photos taken with him.
This evening was a pleasure for my husband and I to attend. Not only are we big college football fans, but now we are Lou Holtz fans as well.

Ashley Pavletich
Mrs. California Intl. 2010