Friday, November 20, 2009

Kinship Center Celebration November 15, 2009

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This past weekend I attended the thirteenth annual celebration of the Kinship Center. It was a wonderful gathering of children and families to honor the start of National Adoption Awareness month. The theme of this years celebration was " Follow your Dreams". I met with parents and talked with kids of all ages. I made sure to tell them that anything they want in life they can achieve. They need to stay in school and work hard. It was great to see all the happy children and parents that have been enriched by the Kinship Center. Their willingness to give every child a home made me proud to be apart of this special day. My sister queen Dedria Burrnet: Miss Teen California Intl. 2010 sopke of her adoption experience and her platform Luggage of Love. Dedria has collected thousands of pieces of luggage that she has handed out to children all over California. I also spent the day with Rebekah Negrete, former Mrs. California Intl. 2007 and Mrs. International 2007, as she was our travel companion for the event. Rebekan and her husband Greg have adopted two little girls. It was thrilling for me to watch my friend talk about her little girls and how exciting it is to be a mom. The Kinship Center helps nearly 2,000 traumatized children each year. They are committed to serving children and making sure that each and every one of them gets a home. As I left the celebration I was so thankful for places like the Kinship Center which is dedicated to children. I thought about all the happy children who now have families and a place to call home. If I inspired just one child at this celebration then I have done my job as Mrs. California Intl 2010. Happy Thanksgiving.

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