Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mr. Keller's 5th Grade Class

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This week I was asked to come back to Heritage Academy and speak to the 2nd and both 5th grade classrooms. It was nice to see the familiar faces around campus and get a chance to talk with old friends and former students. I shared the story about Esther with the 2nd graders and they really enjoyed hearing it. I tried to help them understand that making the right choice is not easy and it can be as simple as being nice to the student sitting next to them. A simple concept I know, but sometimes we forget that our actions are sometimes stronger than words. For the 5th grade classrooms I talked about peer pressure. We discussed being a leader or a follower. Doing what everyone else is doing and doing the right thing. As children grow into teenagers, the simple lessons we talked about will hit home for them. I wrapped up both classes with some great question's and photographs.

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